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Established in 1997, Tri Gateway Exports is a family owned business based in Singapore. Tri Gateway Exports started off as a trading company exporting various products of multinational and international companies globally.

Besides trading, in 2005 Tri Gateway Exports diversified and expanded its business and introduced its own brand of products - Perfect Choice. Perfect Choice manufactures a wide range of food and beverage items which include various blends of Coffee, Tea, Chocolate powdered drink, Sweetened & evaporated Milk, Spreads include Hazelnut and Peanut butter as well as Sauces - Tomato and Chilli. Popcorn, Biscuits and Potato Chips have been recently added to the product line.

These products are produced in various countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, U.A.E, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Italy and Turkey. Perfect Choice exports its products to Australia, New Zealand, U.K, U.A.E, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Mexico, Canada, Seychelles, Surinam, Malta, Azerbaijan and Guyana. Perfect Choice products are mainly distributed to supermarket chains and convenient stores.

Tri Gateway Exports participates in international food fairs biennially in Cologne.Germany -Anuga Food Fair, Paris, France - SIAL, Melbourne, Australia - Fine Foods, Singapore - Food & Hotel Asia and annually in Dubai,U.A.E - Gulfoods.

For more information on Tri Gateway Exports and Perfect Choice, please look thru our website and contact us. We hope to indeed be the Perfect Choice for you!




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